One of the most exciting, energizing times of a person's life is their wedding. When this time comes for you, it's important to ensure that every little detail is perfect. This includes the music. When you start looking for the right wedding DJ, the search stops with DJ Darron Faison. This dynamic DJ has entertained at more than 250 weddings over the last 8 years, and he is passionate about offering the customized, cutting-edge services that will ensure 100% satisfaction.

“DJ Darron Faison is extraordinarily talented at mixing a variety of music genres to entertain any crowd or scene.”


One of the reasons that Darron Faison is the right wedding DJ for your big event results from his extensive experience. As a result of his experience, this DJ is skilled in mixing multiple musical genres and catering to any crowd. Faison's experience has also taught him that the client-oriented approach is best. As such, he takes the time to carefully listen to each customer's needs and then select the unique musical combinations that they prefer. As a hands-on professional, Faison moves beyond pressing buttons behind the booth and gets actively involved in entertaining the crowd. To get things going, he can and will leave the booth and stir things up on the dance floor to keep your special event dynamic, interactive, and fun.


Another reason that you should choose Faison when it's time to find the right MC pertains to his professionalism. Faison makes time for unlimited planning consultations, and these consultations can take place via Skype, e-mail, or the phone. The planning process can even take place online.


In addition to coordinating with his clients, this MC strategizes with photographers, caterers, vendors, and other professionals who play an integral role in making your wedding special. His ability to connect with everyone in both personal and professional way is the reason that he is so successful in ensuring that the client's wedding is a smashing success!

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