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Planning a corporate event, fashion show, or retail campaign requires a bit of thinking outside the box to keep those in attendance entertained. Music helps to keep employees, customers, sales representatives, or clients festive, helping them to relax and mingle. DJ Darron Faison realizes the focus of a business event is, of course, business, while lightening the mood so those present have fun in the process.

Corporate Events
Let DJ Darron Faison guide your guests into an event with mixed music across a spectrum of genres, helping to keep any type of crowd enthralled with the selections they hear. DJ Darron's professional presence fits any type of business crowd, making the event classy, yet upbeat. His state-of-the-art equipment is impressionable and matches the professional level needed when hosting a business function. DJ Darron Faison reads the crowd, making sure to play appropriate tunes at any given time to keep the atmosphere right where it should be. Whether you are showcasing a product, hosting an employee appreciation party, or team building with associates, DJ Darron will play selections to keep the aura engaging and positive.

Brand Ambassador DJ - Retail Campaign / In-store Promotion
When trying to sell to the public, events are often held to show off new products and services to potential customers so they become familiar with what is being offered. Make sure your event is a hit with DJ Darron Faison's music mixing and style. Pique curiosity and increase traffic by having the perfect music played and timely announcements made throughout your event. DJ Darron will create an atmosphere to encourage those in the area to linger, check out promotions, and have fun while doing so. His professional, state-of-the-art equipment will impress guests with high-quality, crisp sound.

Fashion Show DJ
It takes a special persona to handle the excitement and artistic flair needed for a fashion show. Let DJ Darron Faison bring your fashion show alive with his charisma and style. Music leads the show, making it important to incorporate the right tracks to bring clothing lines to life in a favorable manner. DJ Darron will create the perfect soundtrack to lift spirits and gather interest in what is being shown on stage. Your ultra-posh fashion show will include hip, upbeat music, a modern DJ booth to match the decor, and MC services if desired.


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