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Club DJ / Lounge DJ

To keep patrons enthusiastic about frequenting a club or lounge, entertainment is a necessity. Hiring DJ Darron Faison is the right move in getting patrons to return again and again. These return trips and word-of-mouth reviews keep cash-flow on the upside. However, hiring the right DJ for your entertainment needs is a must!


DJ Darron mixes music to keep customers enthralled, taking the time to read the crowd so the right vibe is used throughout his stay. Whether the mood calls for high-energy dance or subdued numbers, DJ Darron controls the atmosphere accordingly. He is adept at Mixing Top 40 hits, changing the energy at strategic times to keep club-goers on the dance floor while breaking to give them time to spend more money at the bar. This is a feature not all DJ's know how to handle, and one that all club/lounge owners need in place to make the most in profit from their customers.


Hiring a professional, reliable, and fashionable DJ is important. DJ Darron makes it a priority to get to know patrons and gives them the music they want. Personalizing the performance is part of the key to success in a club atmosphere. DJ Darron has plenty of experience with the club and lounge scene and uses versatility with his music style so each and every person hears music they enjoy during their visit.


Call or email today to schedule DJ for a night of entertainment or as your house DJ!


Bar DJ / Restaurant DJ

Hiring a disc jockey for your bar or restaurant helps to create an atmosphere to make customers' experiences positive ones. Music is beneficial in these establishments, as long as the right numbers are played. DJ Darron Faison focuses on Top 40 music, classic bar songs, and sing-alongs which all help to set the mood, keeping it light-hearted and fun for all present. Whether the aura calls for mainstream, pop, top 40, hip-hop, reggae, house, or country, DJ Darron makes it a priority to read the crowd and play with suitable genres. Requests are always welcome and played during appropriate times.


Be the bar or restaurant in your area known for having a fashionably dressed DJ with state of the art equipment which provides sound that is unbeatable. DJ Darron Faison is available to provide a hip experience in your establishment. Call or email for details today!

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