Christian School Dances & Events

Christian school dances and events need the entertainment that is fun yet, fit for a crowd with morals and religious sensibilities. If you are planning to host a school dance or an event for a Christian School and need reliable and professional Christian  DJ, Darron Faison is the right choice.


DJ Darron Faison is up to date with the most recent trends in Christian music and inspirational upbeat dance music. His variety of Christian songs and popular Top 40 music across many different genres is catered to the specific needs of your crowd.


Skilled, respectful, experienced, professional and always appropriately dressed for the occasion. DJ Darron Faison is connected with what's popular with a young crowd and incorporates line dances that get everyone on the dancefloor without crossing the line into corny.


All the music played at your event is clean edited and never isn’t explicit, derogatory or offensive making it suitable for Christian Schools dance or special event.


With DJ Darron, you'll have the perfect mix of Christian Pop, Christian Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B and high-energy Top 40 dance music.


Available for Christian School dances and events in Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida area.

Rates are friendly to enable you to enjoy your occasion with one of a kind Christian DJ.

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