Wedding planning is an exciting activity. You undoubtedly want every detail handled so a perfect event is obtained. The entertainment selected to entertain guests is a huge factor in what type of wedding and reception you acquire. Hiring DJ Darron Faison for your Christian wedding guarantees all attendees have a fun, unforgettable and amazing time.


DJ Darron Faison specializes in playing Christian, Gospel, and inspirational R&B for Christian weddings. At your request, he will mix in appropriate non-Christian song selections. At no time will he play explicit, sexualized or offensive music, keeping your wedding reception lighthearted with tracks to keep guests moving on the dance floor. DJ Darron Faison has entertained at over 250 weddings in the past 8 years, giving you the peace of mind his expertise in reading crowds provides them with fitting music at all times.


DJ Darron is not a button-pusher, but instead a professional entertainer who mixes tracks according to the needed atmosphere and activities being conducted. This skill sets him apart from his competition. Your guests will listen to music from all genres, giving each one of them a satisfactory experience.


A disc jockey with the personality to lead the crowd is extremely beneficial in a wedding setting. DJ Darron will handle the announcements of special events, the introductions of wedding party members, and the adhering to your requested schedule to ensure all aspects you desire are conducted throughout the event. He will leave the DJ booth to lead the dance floor in line dances and/or games if needed. This participation gets the crowd moving and keeps them enthralled with the activities being presented.


During the planning phase, DJ Darron Faison will present you with online wedding planning forms. After these are filled out, DJ Darron will stay connected with you via Skype, email, or phone. He is available to help you with the creation of wedding "play" and "do not play" lists and will adhere to your wishes. As the date draws closer, all details are confirmed with you beforehand, giving you the confidence your entertainment needs are prepared in full.


On the date of your event, your DJ will arrive ready to please the crowd with a high-energy presentation and the right music at all times. DJ Darron will provide a wireless microphone to use during your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. His equipment is top-notch in sound and appearance. Along with a chic, stylish DJ booth, your disc jockey himself is also ready to impress with his professional and fashionable attire. In addition to playing music for your event, he will coordinate his entertainment with other vendors present to ensure a flawless affair.


Hosting a wedding that goes above and beyond requires the right MC and DJ to set the tone. Be the envy of your guests and hire DJ Darron Faison to accomplish this task. DJ Darron is available for weddings in Miami, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and the surrounding South Florida area.

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