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    A pre-teen's Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an important occasion that requires a great deal of planning for those who wish to make the day memorable for a child. The entertainment provided can make or break this type of event. Not all DJs have experience in hosting a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, making it important to do research before hiring someone to MC this celebratory event.


Music -- It is important to select a DJ with a vast array of musical choices. This will keep both adults and youngsters moving, making the event fun for all involved. DJ Darron has music both the older and younger set will enjoy, as well as traditional Bar and Bat Mitzvah Jewish favorites. All music played is appropriate for all age groups.


Personality -- The MC used for an event needs to be high-energy to pique interest from guests and get them to interact with each other. A DJ without MC experience just doesn't cut it. Finding someone with plenty of enthusiasm and people skills is a must. DJ Darron Faison meets the criteria in making guests comfortable while encouraging them to kick back and have a good time. He relates to all ages both musically and personally. High-energy events are his specialty.


Personal Preferences -- Some DJs take it upon themselves to choose the timeline of events, music played, and special dances introduced during an event. While this feature is positive for those without preferences, some people would rather take action into their own hands with the selection of these features. DJ Darron understands that each party is different and that special requests are a big part of personalization. He welcomes any requests and will incorporate these into a party with ease.


Fun Factor -- As with any party, the main objective is to have fun! Dancers are always welcome and help to keep others entertained. A disc jockey with knowledge in how to get people moving with musical selection as well as with banter that offers encouragement makes a party fun for all who attend. DJ Darron is not afraid to get out on the dance floor himself to teach guests moves to special songs or to introduce games sure to be a hit at any type of event.


If you are in the planning stages of hosting a Bat or Bar Mitzvah, finding a DJ adept at getting participants up and on the dance floor is the first step in a successful party. Contact DJ Darron today if you live in the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach, Florida area and prepare for an event family and friends will remember forever.


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